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Dennis Sutherland

Dennis Sutherland
Thank you for showing interest in Sutherland Travels and our team of leaders and families. My wife and I have been organising language courses in England since 1976, putting German schoolchildren into English families, trying to make sure that the experience for both family and pupil is enjoyable and personal. We see ourselves as a team dedicated to making our students into fans of the English language and culture, putting the child and the personal element first.

It is continuity and community which highlight our approach to running our language schools: our local organiser in Reading, England has been working in close harmony with us for all these years; students come back year after year, and group leaders do exactly the same (most leaders starting off their connection with Sutherland Travels as pupils with us); we also have a whole pool of host families, loyal to us over the years, a lot of whom even come over to Germany and visit their former students, some of the Anglo-German inter-family ties going back to the very first trip I organised to Henley-on-Thames in 1973.

You will probably have noticed from the price we charge for a 15-day all-inclusive course in England that we really do offer value for money, with no hidden prices obscuring the actual fees to be paid. Everyone involved in course planning with us at Sutherland Travels knows that we genuinely do our best to make sure that those who participate feel happy with us and have confidence that we are always there for them if they need us, no matter whether the course they choose is in a family or a college.

Logically we cannot guarantee that everything in England will be perfect for every pupil 24/7 - life just does not work that way, but what we can and do guarantee is that, once we know there is a problem, we will do our utmost to solve it to the full satisfaction of the child. I am British and very, very aware of the fact that what our students think of England and the English throughout their lives comes from their personal experience with us and with their host families. This is what drives me, what motivates me. If I know there is a mountain to be moved, I will move it to where the student would like it to be moved, which is why it is so important for a pupil not to sit on a problem but to mention it to a member of our team and talk to us about it.

I sincerely hope there will be some students reading this who will now take the first step towards becoming a committed member of the Sutherland Travels community. We all extend you a hand of welcome.

Sincerely yours,
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